Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

ALIVE Church Exists to MAKE, MOTIVATE, and MULTIPLY followers of Jesus!

Our 2018 Vision Goals:

  • Reach more new people with the Good News of Jesus (baptizing and teaching)
  • Invest in Children and Youth (New, engaging, Christ-centered ministries that are safe, and fun!)
  • Make Disciples and Develop Leaders (Develop a model and wheelhouse for developing people)
  • Be a Missions-Giving Church (last year we gave 20% of our budget away, let’s do more this year!)
  • Re-envision the future of our church (We will dare to dream God’s dream for the future)

We have been “deployed” to this place, for this time, for these people, ALL for Gods’ glory and Kingdom, not our own

  1. We are a missionary – “sent” – people, called to engage culture and passionately tell others the good news of Jesus. We will be on mission with God to reach women, men, girls, and boys with the good news of Jesus in every generation.“For our generation and the next!”
  2. We are a movement, not a museum. Never complacent; willing to pray, plan, strategize, and move forward into the next theatre of battle for the Kingdom. “Forward March!”
  3. We are HIS, and must commit to becoming more like Christ personally and living out God’s mission collectively“Be One and Make One!”